A Very Useful Tip You Will All Love



I’m sure this has happened to everyone more times than they care to remember .
You see a back to school sale and they have cheap Bic or Paper Mate Pens on sale in a 10 pack for a dollar , so if you’re like me and can’t resist a bargain instead of being smart and buying only one pack you buy 2 or 3 packs only to have to flip them out a few years later because they dry up.
Well today this old cycle ended for me , I found 2 unopened packs of those cheap pens that I bought 2 years or more ago and opened the packs and tried to write with them .
I had no luck , they seemed to be dried out and as usual I figured I had to throw them away , But I got this brain storm that maybe I could still salvage these pens , so what I tried was to put a pen in the microwave with the cap on ( so metal tip wasn’t exposed ) and ran it for 10 seconds to see if I could soften the old ink .
Well I tried it on 4 pens , 2 Bic and 2 Paper Mate and they worked like I had just bought them from the store today .
So you no longer need to toss out those old dried up pens , just nuke them for 10 seconds and they’re as good as new .


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